Friday, February 19, 2016

More Investment Opportunities in Canada’s Agricultural Industry

Canada is a land of opportunity for all. With Prince Edward Island signing a MOU with Canadian Nectar Products (CNP) and agricultural industry in Canada relishing a financial boost, more foreign investors are lured to settle in Canada and join the farming business.

Today farmers are the biggest businessperson as well as the marketing agents. Such skills are majorly required in the current Canadian agricultural industry. It is expected that by 2022, approximately 73,000 jobs will be created in the agricultural, horticultural and aquaculture industries in Canada. 

With Prince Edward Island signing a MOU with Canadian Nectar Products (CNP), more foreign investors are lured to settle in Canada and join the farming business. The leading industries in Prince Edward Island are agriculture along with fisheries, aerospace, biosciences, marine technology etc. Also Prince Edward Island is also known as the food island of Canada. Canada is a land of opportunity for all. Moreover, the pulse industry in Canada is relishing a financial boost. With crop prices rising high, more number of farmers is opting to grow more pulses hoping the demand for pulses to grow. The Prince Edward Island is also the leading province among the other Canadian provinces for growth in export, manufacturing, income and economy. 

With the agricultural industry in Canada growing exponentially, more and more farmers are indulging into the growing more agriculture. Canada is a big exporter of pulses to countries such as China, Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh and even India. The GDP of Prince Edward Island is 80% more than the average of Canada but approximately 20% of GDP comes from export whereas Saskatchewan is a huge exporter of peas, lentils and chickpeas. In 2015, Saskatchewan exported around $2.5 billion worth of lentils. 

Canada is one of the world’s largest agriculture producers as well as exporters. Canada’s self-employed persons program enables applicant with relevant agricultural experience to move to Canada. Applicant interested in purchasing a farm or joining a farming business, should have atleast two years’ experience in the profession along with being assessed based on education, experience, age, language ability etc.



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