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Different options for Canada Business immigration Programs

Through Canada business immigration programs, Canada aims to attract more applicants who are interested in owning or expanding their business or making an investment into the Canadian business. Canadian government is offering such business immigration programs to make a contribution into their economy.

With Canada business immigration programs, the interested applicants can immigrate to Canada along with his/her family members as permanent residents. Depending upon the amount of funds you acquire, you have different business immigration programs in option.

Canada Business Visa Consultation
Investor Immigration
Depending upon the net worth and investment amount you are planning to invest into the Canadian business, you have three enticing options: Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program, Quebec Investor Program and Manitoba Business Investor Stream. With required managerial and business skills along with the language proficiency, you can apply for the investor immigration program and immigrate to Canada along with your family.

Entrepreneur Immigration
With Canada Entrepreneur Immigration program, aspiring applicants who wish to expand or start up their own business in Canada can move to Canada as permanent residents along with their family members. With different options such as Start-up Visa program, Quebec Entrepreneur Program and British Columbia Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur Program, applicants with the required net worth and funds to settle in Canada can apply for.

Self Employed Immigration
Under the Self Employed Immigration program, the self-employed applicants such as librarians, journalists, interior designers or involved into agricultural field qualify of the self-employed immigration program. Applicants with the required years of experience and investment funds can apply under two different options Federal Self-Employed Persons Program and Quebec Self-Employed Category.

Entrepreneur Start-up Visa
Under the Entrepreneur Start-up visa program, the applicant needs to make the investment of atleast $200,000 if coming from a designated Canadian venture capital fund or else atleast $75,000 if coming from an angel investor group. In this program, the applicant needs not to invest his/her money, moreover, if their start-up business ends unsuccessful then also the permanent resident status will be maintained.

Provincial Nomination
If applicants are interested to make a business investment and settle down in any of the Canadian provinces like Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, etc. then they can opt for the different business immigration programs introduced by the Canadian provinces of their own. To qualify for the provincial nominee business immigration program, the candidates need to meet certain criteria such as minimum net worth, investment amount, experience, etc. 



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